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Weddings are a special challenge. Very often, you have difficult (and dim) lighting, multiple temperatures (or colors) of light, and an atmosphere that can be extremely stressful for the participants. There are no do-overs as those moments fly by, you either get the shot on the first try, or there will be no shot.

Our goal on your special day is to fade into the background, we won't add to your stress. While we may pose a few images, especially during the "getting ready" process, our philosophy is that no set up image can quite tell the story like a candid, or unstaged photograph. We'll work very hard to document your special day, get the images on your "must have" list, and provide you with beautifully captured moments that you may not even have seen in the hustle and bustle of your wedding.

We utilize color where it makes sense, and black and white when the textures and atmosphere of the image demand it.

And all without breaking the bank.