A Lifetime of Images

My father made a full time living as a professional photographer. Weddings, events, portraits, commercial photography, you name it, he's shot it. I even spent time as a child sitting in his pitch black darkroom while he was processing film and printing images. As I got older, he began to give me his older equipment, and helped me with film and other shooting advice. When I was a teenager, I began to assist him on jobs and at his studio, moving lighting equipment and also acting as a second shooter to ensure moments outside of the immediate vicinity of the primary subjects were being documented.

While I didn't follow in his footsteps - the photography industry was significantly disrupted by the advent of the digital age and reasonably high quality cell phone cameras, which caused the failure of so many professional photographers, I have continued to provide photography services to clients who understand the value of hiring a skilled photographer, but do not want the "traditional" and expensive full-service studio.